Monday, April 19, 2010

Weekend Update

The weekend has passed, Monday morning is here and I feel great.
I managed to accomplish quite a lot this weekend. We were puppy sitting for our daughter. That alone keeps you going, but I took "Major" (Sheltie Husky Mix) on a long walk. We walked around our block, which I then had to drive and measure the distance. 7/10's of a mile. There is another first for me since my procedure. I could not walk up to the corner without having my legs refuse to cooperate before. And I did not have to take a nap afterwards.
Each day my head seems to be a bit clearer and no headaches. I did get a slight sinus headache, but the pollen is quite heavy at the moment. I would like to say that my eyesight was better, but it's not. Maybe that is just an age thing.
Yesterday both my daughters were at the house. Jen picking up the dog and Liane was there with her son. We were all RUNNING around the back yard with the dog. Liane said that she thinks it has been 15 years since she saw her mother run. It was great fun, being able to run with my grandson.

This week starts with more people being Liberated in the Philadelphia area. Dr. Bonn will be doing the procedure on #2, & #3 this week. I am very excited that we will be starting to hear about more MS patients getting relief of some of their limitations.

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