Wednesday, October 27, 2010

CCSVI the condition

My birthday next week will also be my 7 month re-birthday. I feel wonderful and the past 7 months have been both exciting and educational. Besides the slight hiccup, which really wasn't that big of a deal, nothing has gone wrong. My energy is good, my stamina is wonderful and everyone keeps telling me how great I look. LIFE IS GOOD. Today there was a woman in my office that had not seem me in several months. Her comment to me was "You look really good, what's different." not bad since it was 7am on a rainy day.
The educational part of the last 7 months has not only been about me learning about CCSVI and Angioplasty, but also about educating as many people as possible about MS and what can be done about alleviating some of the symptoms. I was just down in Florida for a week visiting some friends and talking with strangers that I came in contact with. Since the media is not willing to acknowledge that CCSVI is a condition and that it should be brought out into the headlines, I feel that I have to tell as many people as I can. The two women that I sat next to on my flight to Florida now know something that they did not know before. Both were very interested and wanted more information. Everyone knows someone with MS. I find that it is easy to strike up a conversation with people and since I am usually traveling alone, the question comes up " are you traveling on business or pleasure." my response is usually "a little of both" The business is spreading the word about a condition called CCSVI and the effects it has on MS and the pleasure is all mine.

I referred to my little hiccup of about 6 weeks ago. In reality there was only one out of three areas that had restenosed. The other two areas that the Dr. angioplastied were new, not visited on the first round. There has not been a lot of information about the senosis of the Iliac vein in conjunction with the pains and problems with the legs. All I can say is that in April after my first treatment, I kept saying that my legs felt great, but my knees were killing me. Now, with my Iliac vein stented, my knees don't hurt.. Neither the Dr. nor I can say why, but if you are missing some pain, don't go looking for it just enjoy it's absence......

In closing today, I would like to address the concerns that so many people have about follow-up.
While talking to a very wise Dr. this summer in Albany, a patient was concerned about where she would go for follow-up. The Dr. said, "go home, start living your life, and if you have a problem then contact us about a follow-up. Don't be so concerned about it unless things are not going well for you. " This was good advise and I will also say, remember the stress that put you where you are now or where you were. Don't stress over something until you really need to....