Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spreading the word

You don't have to tell too many people about something to have the word spread. Yesterday I called a doctor's office to make a physical therapy appointment for my shoulder. The phone was answered by one of the partners, and when I said who was calling, the response was I have been hearing about you. He had hear that I had had the CCSVI Treatment/Procedure. This started a lengthy conversation about where I had gone and how I was feeling since being treated. Dr. Kaye knew about CCSVI and had been speaking at MS Support groups. He is a Chiropractor/Pain Management Doctor, and very interested in helping his patients. Several of his MS patients had been asking him about CCSVI, and now he had a connection to having it done. I gave him the information about Dr. Bonn down at Lankenau Hospital, and he will be passing that information on to those interested patients.

Without the assistance of the National Media, it is hard to reach out to all the MSer's that would benefit from this. I have emailed a couple of Media people and hope to hear back from them. I'm not holding my breath. I'll have to see if some Letters to the Editors work. This is where Canada is so far ahead of us. The media in Canada is reporting, and following the progress of patients that have gone to far off places. We can't get coverage of things done right here at home.

I am still feeling great, and it seems that each day my head is a little clearer, my sleep is deeper with less snoring (according to my Husband) and my walk is sure footed and strong. The first day after treatment, I said that I felt 100% better than I did the day before. Then as the days go by, you realize that day one you were only 50% better, because each day gets a little better, and different sensations become stronger and more defined. If I stuck to my 100% first day out, I would be at about 300% and going higher. So I think I will just say, things are going great and the sky is the limit.

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  1. Janet:

    How about detailing the timeline of the entire search you did that got you "here". People might benefit from knowing you didn't just call Dr Bonn and get your treatment.