Monday, April 26, 2010

Walking issues

I would like to go back and clarify the changes in my walk and gait. I don't think that I ever stated how my walk was before being liberated.
I would not go shopping anywhere that there wasn't a shopping cart. That became my walker and crutch. No one stares at a person walking slowly with a shopping cart, because you are shopping. If you can't walk and are moving slowly, it is apparent the you have a problem. Being a very independent and proud person, I would not use a cane, or other assistants, other than the shopping cart. With my job, I used to go out to the different buildings and visit with staff. We have a new building that is 6 years old now, and I have yet to go in it. The parking lot is a long distance from the building, and every time that I have started to go there, I look at the distance and decide that I will not chance having problems getting back to my car. This condition would come and go. At times it would last for a couple of days, or maybe a week. At other times it was not apparent at all. That is where the saying "Good Days, Bad Days" would come into play.
Since Liberation, I have been shopping and not needed a cart. Unless I was doing a large grocery order. I have walked into stores, gone to exactly what I needed and walk around without a cart, or any other assistance. It was very liberating and exhilarating to know that I could do this without having people stare at me, and I was not tired. I am now going to that building and walk in and all around it. Just because I CAN.....

It has been wonderful talking to people from all over North America, and helping answer some of their questions.
I feel wonderful, and had a busy weekend getting things accomplished around the house that I have not thought of for so long. I was at Physical therapy last week (for my shoulder) and the Dr. said he noticed a difference in my walk. That made me smile, that someone noticed.... I have also been told that I look so much happier. It is amazing how being without a large portion of your pain will make you happy...

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