Thursday, April 8, 2010

An explanation of my profile picture.

Most people have nice head shots as their profile picture. Well mine is just a more in depth picture. That is my right jugular vein in the 4 phases during the procedure. From the left to the right, first image is showing the narrowing with the catheter, the next is the first balloon that was inserted, opening up the narrow area. A second balloon was inserted to open the remainder narrowing and the image on the right is after the balloon was deflated. It is easy to see how the blood is now flowing freely through the vein. I had 3 areas like this done. It's no wonder that people (myself included) feel so much better after this is done.

We need to be hearing from more of the people that have been liberated. There are several people had have posted about their experience during the procedure and how they are feeling now. BUT it would make that much more of an impact on the media and maybe the Dr.'s that are on the fence to hear from more of the people that have been "Liberated". They keep yelling about studies, well there are quite a few of us that have had the surgery and I know that I am ready to be studied.

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