Monday, May 3, 2010

Weekend Update MS 5K Walk

It was an incredible weekend. I had lots of energy and was up early Saturday to get things planted in the yard, before the heat rose to it's predicted 90 degrees. By 9am the planting was done and it was off to the grocery store to get things for dinner. We had the pleasure of having another MS patient, still waiting to be Liberated and her husband for the evening. It was wonderful to share my experience with the CCSVI procedure and how I am feeling since the procedure. The heat of the day kept us inside, until it was dinner time and the heat was not as extreme. Then we were able to be outside in the cooler evening air. I would say that the heat still effects me, but it is difficult to be sure, since everyone was having problems with the extreme heat too hot, too soon. No one is ready for it the first of May...

It was very easy to have a full day of activity, and still have energy at the end of the day. That's right, we also uncovered the pool and opened that up for the season. Of course we did have the assistance of our almost 6 year old grandson.....

Sunday Morning started with a very early drive to Ocean City, New Jersey to meet up with two other liberated women and one almost liberated woman. This was a chance for FB friends to become face to face friends, and do some walking..... Actually we walked the 5K MS walk together. We all made it to the end of the boardwalk and back.. It was also a good chance for us to talk about the different results that each of us is experiencing since being liberated. Talking with Denise and Nasha, we could express our feelings and we knew exactly what the other person was going through. It was our own little support group. Each morning I wake up afraid that the veins have closed again and that I will be back to where I was. I found that I was not alone with these fears but we all agreed that time would tell. I look forward to my next Ultrasound to verify that things are still as good as I think they are.

After the walk I still had energy. The drive home was relaxing, even in all the Sunday afternoon traffic. I was tired at the end of the weekend, but not Fatigued, just tired from having a very full, busy weekend, and being out in the sun........

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  1. Janet, it sounds as though you are doing fine.

    Take care, Dean J.