Sunday, May 16, 2010

CCSVI and Spreading the Word

It has been awhile since I posted anything, and this is one of those times when "No News is Good News". Last Monday I saw Dr. Bonn and had my one month post CCSVI Liberation Treatment appointment. I also had an ultrasound to see how my veins were behaving. I am happy to report that everything is doing well. I have seen improvement in my daily activities, and my energy level is high. My husband informs me that I do not snore at all anymore, and that he checks to see if I am still breathing since it is so quiet. My liberation is allowing him to sleep better.
Being liberated gives us back so much of our quality of life, but it does not stop with just the patient. It also gives the people around us back their quality of life. Michael being able to sleep better is just a small example of that. I am also able to resume some of the responsibilities that I found to be too exhausting to do before. Simple things around the house like vacuuming, washing floors, and carrying the laundry upstairs. This gives back some time to those that have had to do it for the past few years.

On to Spreading the Word.. I still find that there are so many people that I come in contact with that have never heard about CCSVI. But Everyone knows someone with MS. Last night we were at dinner with friends from my husband's high school and the subject of my Liberation became topic of conversation. It is so important to emphasize that looking local for an Interventional Radiologist is the way to go. I feel that there are many IR's that would be interested in doing this work and that we just have to contact them. It is not just through the internet, that the word is spreading, but also by just word of mouth. I talked to a couple in Delaware last week and they knew someone who know someone that was an IR. My response was to make the calls. Go to the site and look up who is in your area.

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