Monday, May 31, 2010

Beginning of a Liberated Summer

It is now the unofficial beginning of summer. Mind you the weather feels like it is already July. Since my CCSVI Liberation Treatment, summer will hold a whole new meaning. I spent quite a bit of time out in the sun and heat yesterday and realized that the heat was not having an ill affect on me. I could do yard work and enjoy the outside without feeling drained, with a headache, and having to go inside, out of the heat. A Word to the Wise..... With all this new energy and stamina, be careful not to over do it. Friday, we decided to clean our small pond and get rid of the algae that had taken over. Feeling like super woman, I was standing in the bottom of the pond lifting heavy rocks, using muscles that I have not used to this degree in along time, and standing in an unnatural posture. So Saturday my body decided to remind me that I am not in the best of shape. CCSVI had given me back a wonderful quality of life, now I have to work on getting my body back in shape to go with the new blood flow.
I have found over the past 3 weeks that my memory is better and my thinking as I speak is clearer. I still see improvement in my daily activities. You don't realize what you have been missing until you find it again. It's like pulling an old coat out of the closet and finding money in the pocket. Some days it is a couple of coins, and other days it may be a 20 dollar bill.
I hope this feeling never ends.............


  1. I promise to respect my new circulatory system and honour each day as a gift. This is what I pledge when my day to be liberated comes. Sooner than later I hope :) Thank you for the life lesson!!!

  2. Hi Janet,
    Reading this with tears of joy. Can you please give me your facebook contact info or your email address? Need to ask you a couple of questions re liberation.
    Thanks so much,