Monday, June 21, 2010

First Day of Summer

This is just a short piece, wishing everyone a very happy and relaxing first day of summer. My summer will be starting with a wonderful trip to the west coast to visit new friends. I will also be attending THE PINK DOOR fundraiser for CCSVI research at BNAC.

I feel wonderful, although I had a sinus headache yesterday that had me a little uncomfortable. It is at times like that, that you question everything. I woke this morning feeling well rested and ready for my 10 hour work day. Life has been very busy since the Philadelphia Inquirer ran an article about CCSVI, Dr. Bonn and the three of us that were treated by him. It is interesting that one article has started people talking. My daughter and I were having our nails done on Saturday, and as we were waiting for them to dry, we were talking about my upcoming trip and some of the responses from the article. The lady sitting next to us asked it we were talking about the article that had been in the paper about MS and the angioplasty. I said that yes we were. She asked if we knew that one of the women was from Chalfont. I chuckled, and said "yes, that would be me." Even though this lady was ready to leave, she remained there for a few extra minutes just to chat with us and ask some questions. She asked Jennifer if she had seen much difference in her mother. Jen beamed up and said that her Mom was happy again.

It was nice to hear what my daughter has noticed is different with her Mom....

More to come when I am out on the west coast.

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