Saturday, July 10, 2010

3 Months out

Summer is here, the heat is stifling, and normally, or at least last year, that would mean that being out doors would be out of the question. Since my CCSVI Angioplasti, I have been able to tolerate the heat as well as the next person. At least those without MS. It is incredable to be able to function normally, and let my husband push the shopping cart when we go to the grocery store. There is no need any more to have the assistance of the faux walker. We all know how important that is/was.

Thursday I had my 3 month follow up and ultrasound. All the veins are flowing correctly. NO restenosis......

I have been having a few sinus headaches, but they are totally different from the MS headache that pleged me for so many years. I may have to see an ENT doctor if they don't clear up with the anitbotics. This has NOTHING to do with MS..

I would like to pass on to all the people waiting for angioplasti, or screening, all my hopes and prayers. Please keep in mind that the Doctors that are waiting for their IRB's are as frustrated and concerned as we are. They are doing everything they can to get things moving to help the MS communtiy and the Science community.

A couple of Notes:

  1. Get copies of all the tests, both on CD and the writen reports
  2. Make copies of them and hold onto the originals
  3. When getting an MRV, make sure it is of the head, neck and thoracic spine
  4. Read everything you can, But remember that not everything on the web is correct.

  5. Ask Questions, Get Answers, from your Dr.'s, and people that have had the procedure.

  6. Be as patient as you can.

The Liberated/Fixed MS Community is growing larger everyday. This is such a wonderful thing and we need to stay strong and active to show that what has started will continue to grow. I feel very strongly about helping and giving support to everyone that is seeking relief from the MSonster .. Always remember..... UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL ..... and some of us have fallen enough.

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